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Team Clinton is a must-stop shop for anyone in Halifax considering purchasing or refinancing a home.

For over a decade Team Clinton has been serving up customized financing solutions (with a side of fierce negotiation techniques) for clients seeking to purchase, refinance or renew a mortgage.

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Clinton Wilkins

Clinton Wilkins

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Mary Kearley

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Alex Lavender

Mortgage Rates for the Halifax Area, Nova Scotia

Considering buying a home or other real estate property in the Halifax area? Getting the best mortgage rates can mean all the difference in the world. Serving Halifax area clients for a decade, TeamClinton is customer service driven with your dreams and goals as their priority.

The two types of mortgage rates are fixed and variable. Both types of rates work independently of each other. The fixed rate stays the same over the term of the mortgage. The variable rate can change based on the bank prime rate. The type of product you want can be determined by the advice you get from us. There are pros and cons to both types of rates but TeamClinton can help make that decision easier for you. We keep an eye on the rates so you do not need to!

  Our Rate Bank Rate
1 Year Fixed 2.44% 3.29%
2 Year Fixed 2.24% 3.09%
3 Year Fixed 2.34% 3.44%
4 Year Fixed 2.94% 3.89%
5 Year Fixed 2.94% 4.89%
5 Year Fixed Special 2.59% 4.89%
5 Year Variable 2.40% 3.15%
5 Year Variable Special 2.15% 3.15%
10 Year Fixed 3.74% 6.10%

*10-25bps rate surplus could be applied to amortizations longer than 25 years, refinance transactions, rental properties, or specialty products.
Last updated: Jul 20, 2017

Either you're looking for your first mortgage, renewing a mortgage, refinancing, are self employed, or looking to build a new home: We can help with all of your mortgage needs.

Home Purchase

Home Purchase

Buying a house is a huge commitment and seeking expert advice before doing so is an important step. TeamClinton has access to mortgage rates and features that can help you achieve your home-buying dreams, and are are independently trained professionals licensed to represent you and provide the best advice for your home financing needs.


A mortgage renewal is a prime opportunity to renegotiate your rates and save money, an area TeamClinton has been excelling in on clients' behalf for a decade. As mortgage experts, TeamClinton will ensure you have all the information necessary to meet your family's financial needs and lifestyle goals. So, instead of signing that mortgage renewal like an automaton when it arrives by post, do yourself a favour and give TeamClinton a call.


Refinancing your mortgage can provide a myriad of options you didn't imagine possible to help you achieve your lifestyle goals and financial symmetry. Whether you're interested in renovating, clearing debt from high interest credit cards and loans, or combining first and second mortgages, TeamClinton has your back. They will assess your situation and work with you to help finance your unsecured debt up to 80% of the market value of your home.
Private Lending

Private Lending

If you're having issues getting approved through traditional channels, have equity, and are seeking a mortgage amount of 65-76% of the property value, consulting with a member of TeamClinton might be your first conclusive step towards homeownership. Many of TeamClinton's private lending clients are self-employed, seeking to pay off tax debt, stop foreclosure or re-establish credit.
Self Employed

Self Employed

When it comes to securing a mortgage, self-employment can sometimes be an obstacle- reducing your taxable income can make it difficult to qualify for the mortgage you can afford and deserve. With access to a wide-range of innovative mortgage options for self-employed Canadians, including regular full document mortgages and stated income options, TeamClinton might just be the answer to your prayers.
New Homes & Construction

New Homes & Construction

Interested in financing construction, new home or just renovations? TeamClinton can help with that, too. Whether doing a self-build, using a builder, or interested in doing extensive renovations, TeamClinton can help you access draw financing and ease you through the occasionally challenging process of construction approval.

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Clinton has worked with me for the past 3 years. Clinton’s knowledge of the mortgage business is astonishing and his potential is limitless. He’s a great person to work with.

Yves Boudreau MBA AMP

Clinton is professional, organized, and goes the extra mile to explain the mortgage process, He gets the job done right the first time at competitive rates with no surprises!

Jackie Chahine REALTOR® - Sutton Group.

Amazing broker. Clinton, is smart, sophisticated, and a very knowledgeable broker for residential and commercial. Exceptional service!

Sandi Lee REALTOR® - Century 21

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